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Isaiah Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

Isaiah is responsible for product management, design, and vision of Ozo Development & OZZI. Rooted in the principles of duty of care, Isaiah built OZZI leveraging best practices of solutions that have been market tested by executives at multinational corporations for more than 20 years. Used in and out of zones with heavy conflict and fighting, duty of care solutions have made the difference when it matters most. With OZZI, Isaiah intends to democratize cultural and situational awareness for travelers everywhere.

Former Director of Global Commercial Data Operations at American Express, Isaiah has been helping helping solve problems with data and application development for more than 15 years. In response to the terror attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, Isaiah led a team of engineers and data scientists to identify and proactively assist American Express Card Members who were affected by the tragedy. The actions of Isaiah and his team allowed those affected to receive immediate support from their employers with emergency medical, psychological, and transportation assistance. By 2018, this solution matured and was delivered to millions of customers across 200+ global markets speaking 9 different languages. Isaiah earned his MBA from University of Phoenix in 2011 and lives in Phoenix, AZ with his three active teenagers – Naomi, Elijah, and Rebekah.

Vince Bicicchi

Chief Financial Officer

Vince is responsible for the overall financial management, investor relations, and vision strategy of Ozo Development. He designed and is executing a “Niche & Nimble” growth campaign which has already powered the build, network, and deployment of military grade software in under 18 months. The team has proudly secured letters of support from U.S. Military Leadership and successfully negotiated the company’s government contract sponsorship by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA / IGAPP). 

Vince’s passion for finance and entrepreneurship led to the creation and growth of four financial services partnerships spanning risk mitigation, investment advisory, wealth planning and business consulting.  Vince and his teams have organized, structured and/or restructured everything from startups to multigenerational businesses.  Helping companies prepare for investment and model paths to sustainable revenue have been the most rewarding facets of his career.  Vince studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Copenhagen Business School, and currently resides in the Chicago Suburbs with his beautiful wife Diana and their [always somehow dirty] toddlers — Graham and Brooks.

Dr. Patrick Tomboc


Dr. Tomboc advises the Ozo Development team on international medicine, COVID-19, and cultural awareness. Dr. Tomboc serves and maintains medical clinics in Koutiala, Mali. These clinics provide consultation for children with cancer in Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children Koutiala, Mali. The services provided have expanded the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of children afflicted with cancer. He has served at multiple levels in medical clinics in the Philippines, South Africa, India, and Uganda.

Dr. Tomboc currently serves as Division Chief of WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Blood & Cancer Center. In his role at the Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Dr. Tomboc has expanded targeted medicine utilization, overseen an expansion of the program and is driven to provide the most comprehensive care possible for the children and young adults of West Virginia. Additionally, he developed a screening protocol to assure that asymptomatic COVID positive patients are not exposing immunocompromised patients to disease.

Ben Van Roo


Ben Van Roo is an advisor to and a lead investor in Ozo Development. He advises Ozo Development on engagement, procurement, and networking within the U.S. Government’s National Security apparatus. Ben has been instrumental in assisting Ozo earn MOUs, submit SBIR / STTR grant applications, and other relationships across the DoD.

Ben currently serves as the CEO and a co-founder of an artificial intelligence company focusing on building a next-generation computer vision platform.  He previously served as the EVP of Business of Primer AI, an artificial intelligence company (natural language processing). Ben built the go-to-market organization and the National Security Group at Primer, and split most of his time working with customers in Washington DC and the headquarters in San Francisco. Ben started his career with the RAND Corporation during his graduate studies and for three years after being awarded his Ph.D. At RAND, Ben focused on civilian and military challenges and provided analysis, quantitative modeling, and consultation to senior government and military leaders on domestic and international affairs. Ben has B.S. degrees in Computer Sciences and Environmental Engineering, an MBA and his Ph.D., focused on Operations Research, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

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