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OZZI GOV’s data sources have been vetted by NGA’s IGAPP Team to ensure the data delivered can be relied upon – when it matters most.


OZZI GOV was built with privacy first approach. iOS and Android versions of the application do not collect any of your personal information. The app works completely anonymously to safeguard your information.


OZZI GOV is compliant with all GSA requirements for mobile application distribution through the U.S. Government.

How do you and your family prepare for deployment?

Having the right resources available to you and your family is critical to mission success. The days of stale PowerPoint presentations, word of mouth bias, and paper pamphlets are over. OZZI GOV modernizes the approach to deployment or new assignments with an easy to use mobile application that provides details in near real-time.

Move around new cities like a local.

Moving around your new environment supports mental health, encourages autonomy, and empowers deeper connections with the community. Because the risks of a city are dynamic, having a local guide to keep you informed and safe is a necessity – but mostly out of reach. With OZZI GOV, its like having local guide in your pocket. Take the guess work out of navigation to meetings, social life, and errands with street level threat mapping.

Stay informed with near real-time alerts.

When you’re in a new location staying in tune to things happening around you is key to managing a crisis – especially in volatile regions. OZZI GOV distributes data gathered through natural language processing and artificial intelligence in almost real-time to support decision making around the planet. From acts of terror, civil unrest, or even gas leaks, OZZI GOV keeps you informed of the major issues that may impact your ability to conduct your mission safely.

Context and advice enhance decision support.

The summary, advice, and background of each alert delivered through OZZI GOV goes beyond any other available solution on the GEOINT App Store today. The difference between knowing something is happening and why something is happening is a key to mission success. Winning hearts and minds on and off the battlefield requires an understanding of local events – in context.

Global support means you're in the know - no matter where you serve.

As the threat of Coronavirus continues to evolve and travel restrictions are lifted, it is an imperative for each individual navigating the globe to respond to the threat with accurate information. OZZI GOV’s Global COVID-19 feature provides context on localized transmissions, health advisories, travel restrictions, and transportation disruptions related to the virus. Adapting to the new normal doesn’t need to be shrouded in misinformation. OZZI GOV closes misinformation gaps and provides peace of mind.


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