How the Pentagon Keeps its App Store Secure

"The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wanted to provide sensitive and mission-critical apps to groups across the DOD through a platform that had the security and resilience of a government defense product, while also offering a streamlined, up-to-date user experience similar to ubiquitous commercial app stores.

NGA's GEOINT App Store runs its security protections and screening processes in a way a commercial platform never could."

GEOINT Apps must meet NIAP Compliance Requirements

NIAP is a collaboration between the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA). NIAP oversees the Common Criteria evaluation and certification guidelines used to evaluate whether commercial IT products meet security standards for government deployments.


  • 25 Security Functional Requirements
  • 4 Security Assurance Requirements (security-relevant requirements not directly related to functionality)
  • 29 Selection-Based Security Functional Requirements (that come into play depending on selections made in the base requirements)
  • 3 Objective Security Functional Requirements (highly desired, but not yet widely available)
  • 2 Optional Security Functional Requirements

OZZI GOV Privacy

OZZI GOV does not collect, store, or share any personally identifiable information. Access to GEOINT and OZZI GOV is governed by GeoAXiS identification. GeoAXiS credentials can only be created by those with an active U.S. Government credential. Authorized credentials include Common Access, Personal Identity Verification, LincPass and other identification cards.

Any user of OZZI GOV is assigned an anonymous token for use across Android and iOS platforms. This anonymous token is not linked to any identifiable data. 

With OZZI GOV, your data is secure and private. 

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