Enterprise Level Threat Intelligence
for any Military Unit or Federal Agency

OZZI GOV is powered by 4 globally distributed 24×7 operations centers, >120 regional analysts, and a patented AI network. Enterprise level threat intelligence covering the entire globe is now available in your pocket in real-time and on-demand.

Explore the below snapshot of intelligence that is curated inside of OZZI GOV.

Satellite Imagery

Computer and human satellite imagery analysis is used to detect conditions on the ground, population centers, and informal settlements to provide street level threat context.

Federal and Municipal

Direct and indirect data relationships with local, state, and federal governments around the world drives historical and current perspectives.

Social AI

Social Media AI combs through >500M social media posts in real-time. Posts flagged for threats are put through human vetting processes, which allows OZZI GOV to identify and verify existing and emerging threats no matter where you are on the planet.


Mapping data allow for threats large and small to be visualized in proximity to your current location or wherever you travel.

Culture & Business Guides

Integration and acclimation guides make living and working in new areas easier and less confrontational. From language and gesture support to banking and business ettiquette, OZZI GOV is a ready reference – even without the internet.


Weather and environmental intelligence provides line of sight into disruptions as they happen in real-time, or before they happen, allowing for preparation in advance of the outcome.


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