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Available for all Military Officers and their Companies

Hosted by the National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency, OZZI GOV is available on the GEOINT App Store. The GEOINT App Store democratizes mission critical technology for the U.S. Government.

Anyone issued an identification card by the GSA HSPD-12 Managed Service Office (MSO) USAccess program can download OZZI GOV on their personal or government issued iOS or Android device. LincPass, Smart Card, CAC or other PIV card holders are eligible. 

If you fail to prepare, you're preparing to fail.

When your teams are in the field they have the best information to get the job done. When your teams are home, they deserve the same. OZZI GOV enhances everyday situational awareness needs to ensure they’re better prepared for real-time risks – down to the street level. 

At Ease. With Ease.​

Some risks are unavoidable but preparation equips your teams with globally distributed support to identify existing and emerging threats. Things as simple as knowing which neighborhoods or streets have elevated or critical threat profiles helps individuals and teams make better decisions while on leave.


Less Paperwork

A 2014 US Naval study found, “A lack of cultural competence may bring about challenges to mission completion, requirement for more resources, waste of resources, and destruction of lives.” (Svec) At ease with ease means stronger individual cultural competence which leads to fewer incidents. Fewer incidents means less time on paperwork. Less time on paperwork means more time for value add work.

Individual download cost: FREE, subscriptions fully subsidized by NGA's GEOINT App Store.

Device Officer and MIPR download options available.

Adaptable to meet unique mission objectives.

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